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HOLiDAY ON iO is a music project based on Nordic and other European music traditions, leaping into modern compositions and experimental arrangements. HOLiDAY ON iO is a true crossover project, spanning everything from different kinds of traditional music to jazz, blues, pop, progressive rock and not least electro-acoustic music and classical compositions. Through both conventional and controversial methods of creation, they try to achieve a music that has a mindset of its own, aiming to find the best mix of features from the different genres and personalities of their band members. In this mixture of different inspirations and impressions, there is one style of music that got them together and which continues to be the greatest connection between them: the Nordic folk music. Its traditions have a wide variety of sounds and colors and a rich treasure of melodies and atmospheres that really intrigue the members of the band. However, this does not imply that HOLiDAY ON iO only play traditional material, on the contrary their repertoire consists mostly of original compositions.

IO is a moon of Jupiter, a celestial body full of vibrant colors and a multitude of mysterious phenomena. We welcome you to join our journey towards new, exciting and astronomically unexplainable sound-creations, spanning through light-years of open space!

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